Everyone of us wants to start a new day with serenity and enthusiasm, but sometimes this is a very difficult thing to do.

One of the essentials of a brand new day is breakfast and coffee is the basic fuel to activate and stimulate our neurons and muscles. This is why we want to enjoy a good coffee: at home, in a coffee shop or in both situations! Coffee, with its taste and scent, gives pills of wellness to our ego.

Furthermore, for most of us, coffee is the tonic that hands out short, strong breaks during the day: you can share it with coworkers or relatives and, every time, is a pleasure.

Unfortunately sometimes we find ourselves face to face with a dark and hot beverage that someone dared to call "espresso" and immediately we feel betrayed our expectation…and what about gastrointestinal effects?!

Scent, cream, taste, texture, persistence. All of them are essential elements and when they lack, our enthusiasm decreases. So we'd like to see the counter boy to be in love with his job.

Sometimes the Barista is unarmed because raw material has been bought at a budget price: someone wanted to save money and quality paid the higher price.

This website speaks to the Barista because, if he knows he is dealing with a good raw material, then he will handle it with wisdom in order to cuddle and pamper his customers.

Since years Lorycaff works shoulder to shoulder with many Baristas. We trust in them and in their talent to make the "best espresso ever" and this is why we entrust our blends to their expert hands.

Hoping to earn the loyalty from our Baristas and customers, we'd like to give you some technical and pragmatic advice to prepare a real Italian espresso.